Friday, February 27, 2009

Why This Blog

I always envy those other mommas who can raise healthy and happy kids, and find time to blog about it, too (with pictures, even). I have (what I hope is) typical non-blogger envy of all the bloggers I know. So, I am creating my own little blog. Maybe one day I'll even tell folks about it. My hope is to have a place to share some of my general thoughts on general things, and to capture some of the moments we share during our homeshcooling days. For posterity and all that. But really, I just want to be able to say I have a blog :)

I know there are all sorts of rules of etiquette and codes of conduct and what-not for blogdom... I know none of these, nor do I care to learn. This is my little piece of the blog world, so I suppose it is only fair for me to create my own rules for it. (To quote the little owls, "It's mine, so I make the rules of it!") So if things don't seem exactly like you'd expect, that's probably what you should expect. I imagine things will be rough around the edges untilI figure out this whole blogger thing... if you somehow managed to find this blog, and even came back for updates, bear with me if things seem to be a work in progress. They are.