Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just Because

I don't have anything super interesting to blog about, but I'm trying to blog more often, so this is what you get! :)

I am actually in the throes of a dilemma over moving the kids up to the next level of math in an effort to keep them challenged. The alternative is to keep them in their current levels and work with the theory that "repetition leads to mastery" and use the easier lessons to help them build discipline in their studies.

But man, I am tired of arguing with myself about it! So if anyone has wise words of wisdom I'd love to hear them. Otherwise I will continue looking through old photos in an attempt to disctract myself. And in the meantime, I leave y'all with these:
J and K, Halloween 2005
(J is Max from Where the Wild Things Are
and K is (what else) a Fairy Princess)

J and W, Fall 2008

K, newborn, Sept 2004

J and his first set of wheels, Oct 2005

J, proving he's always been cute, Spring 2003

J being "helpful" with K, Fall 2005

K's "being pretty" obsession started early, Jan 2006


  1. Oh gosh I love the pictures! Keep being bored and arguing with yourself.

  2. Awesome pics! I have been neglecting my blog.... I think your blog is very interesting.

  3. Thanks Suzanne! Dawn, you might be the only person *encouraging* me to argue with myself. :)