Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yummy Pizza Idea

So, it's Wednesday which means it's Family Night here at the Owl Nest. We made our "famous" pizza crust recipe, with a twist! We cut up some string cheese and folded the crust over it. Instant stuffed crust pizza! The kids, who don't normally eat the pizza "bones" (they try to pawn them off on W), munched cheesy bread crust with dipping sauce. Oh so good!

Oooh, and on half of the pizza, I mixed pesto in with the pizza sauce. Delish!

Let me know whatcha think!


  1. hmmmm, I did buy that 6-month supply of string cheese at Costco last week... I'm kinda hesitant to use my new pizza stone tho since the last one cracked in half when I made bread on it. :o