Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have several half-finished posts waiting to be published. I am looking over them and being confronted with the fact that I am Just.Not.That.Interesting. Really! I know this may come as shock to some of you, but I am pretty sure I'm just plain boring! GASP!

Will y'all love me anyway?


  1. Yes, of course! That's the same reason why I have a billion drafts, too: cuz you're boring. LOL! Cuz I'M boring!!

    Thank you for letting us bail on ya'll today. We had an enjoyable and relaxing evening. The kids played together so well and set up a fashion show for us where they danced and stuff.

  2. Are you kidding? Everything you say is interesting to me - even when I'm sleepy like in the mist at the park after a long day of missing Chris. I love hearing how you came to your parenting conclusions or what your homeschooling day is like. April