Sunday, January 31, 2010

J's New Obsession

We watched Howe and Howe Tech on the Discovery Channel yesterday morning... and J is now planning to be an engineer when he grows up, so he can work in R&D building really cool things. For me personally, I think this is a step up from a few weeks ago, when he wanted to be a sniper when he grew up! :) But what are the short term implications? That none of my recycling is safe... he's scheming all kinds of new inventions to build with it. Current plans include a car with a retractable windshield, a swamp buggy designed for knocking down trees, and a pocket knife with gadgets like a spoon, a fork, a little pan, and cutting board (he's dictating the list to me). I think the first two will have to be small scale prototypes, but hopefully we'll get the pocket knife into production soon! :)

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