Sunday, April 5, 2009

Getting Ready For Easter

The little owls have had an Easter countdown going for the last 1oo days... literally. And for the past two weeks, they have been managing the countdown in their heads. Each morning they wake up and say "only x more days til Easter, Momma". K helped me put up decorations last week. So today, I figured we could do a few crafts. First, we made cascarones.

Here are the kids decorating the hollowed-out eggs

And here are our finished eggs.

Don't they look pretty?! (oh, our dozen is one short because I cracked one trying to rinse it out)

After the cascarones, we decided to make an Easter present for Grandma. So we made handprint lillies. Each of the kids made two, one from each hand. I think they are just beautiful. No pictures though since my camera is acting funny. I think we'll put the paper flowers in a vase and buy Grandma an Easter Lilly too. But shhhhh.... don't tell her.

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