Friday, April 10, 2009

Keepin' It Real

This has NOT really been a good week. I am trying to focus on the things that have gone well, but to keep it real, I will out myself here. I have been so impatient with the kids... and they have been, well, less than cooperative would be the nicest thing I could say. We also got very little school work done this week or last because of appointments, Easter stuff, and general life getting in the way. We're not to far off our schedule, but I FEEL like we are, and I hate that feeling.

After the dental visits we had this past week, both big kids will have to go in for MORE fillings. I can't figure out what else I can do to keep them from getting cavities... we brush, floss, use the special stuff the dentist gave us... what else is there. And now this means we are looking at a further rearranging of our schedule because we need to fit the appointments in before the end of the month. We're going to end up doing most of our "home" schooling in waiting rooms and in the car.

I am so frustrated because it feels like these things are beyond my control, and I LIKE being in control :) And with the chronic sleep deprivation, I am just irritable. I am cranky, and whiny, and not patient AT ALL. It's my own attitude that I am bringing to the situation that is the biggest problem. But especially since I just posted about loving our schedule and lesson plan so much, I feel the need to stay honest and say that the schedule isn't being used much at all. The lesson plan, however, is still helpful :) At least I can see where we are supposed to be on the map, even if we're taking a detour.


  1. Like Rob Schneider always says: You can DO it!!

  2. thanks for the laugh first thing this morning... it was just what I needed!