Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boring Posts for Saturday Vol 3

All this boring goodness is hosted by Mary at Hope Echoes.
So, it is Saturday again. I'm up early today... everyone else is still sleeping. So I get to enjoy the beginning of my day in silence, with a hot cup of tea and homemade brownies! It's so nice and cold in the house I can almost pretend it isn't going to be 102 today. Everything aroud the house is still and peaceful. Even the dogs are calm... they are both cuddled up side by side on the playroom couch... it's adorable, and no easy feat for two large animals.

I've been doing too much thinking lately. I keep meaning to write a blog post in defense of deep thinking. I DO think it is valuable, and will someday share those thoughts with the wide world. But lately, the deep thoughts are wearing me down. Some portion of it is that I can't ACT on any of those deep thoughts... at least not until we move. Our lives can't handle anymore change just at the moment. The other is that some of those thoughts are things I can't do anything about even if I wanted to. And then I spend time thinking deep thoughts about deep thinking. Over-analysis, anyone?

And all this thinking in circles just leads to high anxiety levels for me, which really isn't any good. Most of the people who read this know me IRL and know my anxiety issues... one day I'll write about my nervous breakdown... maybe it'll be cathartic. But in the meantime, I'm starting to feel that twitchy, edgy feeling that crops up when things get hard... and things feel harder when my sleep is so disrupted. I feel like a broken record about the sleep issues. Blech. This is what I get for doing sleep deprivation research for all that time... it really is like some sort of karmic retribution. But for right now, I'm left with high anxiety levels and the question of what to do about it. I am going to start with watching the caffeine intake and trying to squeeze in a little exercise. It's that, or go on meds :) so we'll start there.

Our plans for today include taking J to another backflip class. Then rounding up all the kids for a birthday party. I was able to make a really cute gift for the birthday girl. K and I worked on it together. We hope she likes it!

We're hosting a Capoeira get-together at our house tomorrow evening. This will be a chance for some of the newer students to get together and practice the instruments and the songs. I'm kind of looking forward to learning the songs... the kids do a lot of singing in Portuguese and I 1. don't know what they are singing about and 2. don't know if they are even singing the right words :) The kids will have their batizado, or ranking ceremony, the second weekend in July. J will be working for his third cord! And this will be K's first cord test. Since this is a new studio, we weren't sure how big the ceremony was going to be, but it looks like we'll have people in from other groups, and two different mestres there. Things are really coming along for the group, and we're so glad to be part of that. I am really and truly glad they have found a sport that they enjoy, and that they have some aptitude for! It's been such a fun, family centered experience for us.

On the homeschool front, we've been pluggin away at the reading lessons (Teaching Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons) and letting pretty much everything else slide. J was complaining that the lessons are starting to get too long and that the older lessons were easier. So he decided, on his own, to go back and read all the older stories to K. I guess that seemed like less work? :)

I'm sorry I haven't been able to be as boring as usual today! The laundry and dishes are all caught up, and that is usually what I do on Saturdays! And no trips to the farm market today. We will be headed out to pick up our CSA share though.

Last thought for today... can some of you more tech savvy bloggers help me with the following things? 1. How do I do strikethrough text? Like to cross something off a list, ya know? and 2. is there a quick way to put a hyperlink in the comments section? I can do the html code thing, but it requires me to go back and look up the code each time. Surely there is a faster way?

Happy Saturday, folks!


  1. I'm so there with you about the overthinking thing. It's a lifelong habit of mine. I have a clear memory of when I was 18, being in true anguish, and saying "I think I think too much." You and I may overthink different issues but I do know what you're talking about!

    Techy stuff:
    1. go into html view and type < del > before the text and < /del > after the text.
    2. I know of no shorter way.

  2. Usually when I think deeply and pray and read scripture the way becomes clearer. When I think I have all the answers, I'm in big trouble. Thanks for playing along!