Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Garage Project

Here are a few "during" photos. The garage is all cleaned up (Owl Poppa can now walk around in there, and thus domestic happiness returns) and my project is halfway finished.

My plan is to rip out the hideous wood shelving and put in another super deep plastic shelving unit. With the available wall space, I want to make a workbench for J and a pegboard on the wall for his tools. The opposite wall, behind my furry model, I want to put up a display of kid artwork, and further organize the toys so that the kids are able to play. Lots of the boxes stacked on the floor and against the walls are things to take to Goodwill, so some of the clutter will be reduced. And in case you noticed, yes, our laundry area is in the garage, so that needs to be accounted for too. Part of the reason I want the kids to have a safe place to play out there is because, as I keep mentioning, I am always doing laundry! :) My sewing area is also in the garage (not because I want it there, but because there is no place else for it) so I would love to see that get some attention as well. But unfortunately, I can't make any more progress until Owl Poppa has his next few days off, unless I can convince W that the playpen is a really really cool place to hang out!


  1. Ok, I guess I'll take the comment from yesterdays post back since you're done and all.
    P.S. Can you teach me how to sew?

  2. You got it. I can only sew straight lines, but I'll share what little knowledge I have.