Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekly Update

This was our first week back to school after an extended break (again). We are starting out this time around using an organized curriculum and lesson plans (we're using a modified version of the Ambleside Online Curriculum, more on this later), and things are going very well.

I am actually a little bit shocked.

My hero, um... I mean, my good friend, Dawn inspired me to sit and think about what I wanted our weekly schedule to look like. I tried to be realistic about what we could actually accomplish, and to leave plenty of time built in for transitions, reistance, chasing W out of the crayons, and the other "real life" things that crop up when you are trying to do anything constructive with 3 children ages 6 and under.

After a week of implementation, I think we have something that will stick. YAY!!!! And we are able to get all of our academic pursuits taken care of by noon. Which leaves time to fix lunch and eat in time for W to go down for a nap at 1.

For anyone curious enough, our schedule looks something like this.
"School" in the a.m. Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. Wednesdays are not school days, since J has capoeira on Tuesday nights and K has ballet on Wednesday mornings.

Daily work includes:
Aesops Fables
Math - J
Math - K
Reading Lesson - J
Reading Lesson - K
Copy work - J
Copy work - K
Spanish vocab
Daily Read Aloud Assignment

After a quick snack, and a chance to play outside, we then do one more "special subject":
Monday is History
Tuesday is Artist Study and Composer Study
Thursday is Park Day
Friday is Science Project
Nature Study is whenever we can fit it in

It really looks like alot all typed out like this, but all the lessons and reading selections are very short. We have been starting in around 9, and finishing up around noon, with lots of breaks. And since we are doing Math and Reading lessons separately, whoever is not with mom is having a chance to play outside or do quiet activities inside.

And I am just so pleased at the progress I've seen in just this week, especially with J. I think the schedule is agreeing with everyone. And the best part is, Owl Poppa is happy too!


  1. Yeah! I get to be a hero! Can I just be your Resident Commenter? I will be picking your brain in the fall concerning 'formal' lessons with more than one child. I liked what you said about one playing while you worked with the other. Glad things are going great!

  2. That sounds like a great schedule.
    P.S. We need to get together soon. Give me a holler. We'll be very free the next couple weeks while my hubbo is out of town.

  3. Dawn, I need a resident commenter. I am glad you volunteered!

    Amber, I'll be hollering!