Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's In a Name?

This is to answer anyone who may be wondering what the OWL thing is all about. I love owls... I don't love birds in general (they remind me of beady-eyed feathered lizards, and I am always afraid they're going to peck my eyes out), but I have a real soft spot for owls. Perhaps it is the association with knowledge and learning, those wise forward facing eyes, the mystery of an animal who stays up all night and sleeps all day, but I just love owls. When we wanted to pick a name for our homeschool, it seemed like an obvious choice (to me, since I was the one doing the naming). So, we became Little OWL School. OWL stands for Our Wonderful Learning. Most importantly, the little owls loved it.

The owl theme has been an answer to some organizational challenges as well. Each child has their own owl clip art for labelling their school supplies, chore magnets, and anything else that needs labelling. I have my own owl clip art as well. Even the littlest little owl is now being initiated into OWL School with his own owl.

I found some terrific stuffed owls at Barnes and Noble, that inspired the clip art. J has the brown owl (who was named Archimedes Thundercat Owl), and K has the white owl (lovingly christened Princess Owl). W received his own owl for Christmas, and we are thinking of naming it Bill (from this beautiful book by Martin Waddell).

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  1. So now I understand our phone conversation from today much better. I didn't realize you had different clip art owls for everyone. Awesome!