Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look What I made!

I'm pretty proud of myself! My grandmom made me some knitted washcloths that I love. She doesn't knit anymore, so I decided to make myself some. These are just single crochet squares, and I tried to make a fancy edging for them :) The colors look a bit washed out in the photos, but in person, they're really pretty. I think the large one is a bit too large and the smaller one is a bit too small, so there will probably be a version 3.0 at some time. In the meantime, I can barely bring myself to wash the dishes with them, but I guess I've got to break them in sometime!


  1. I've made these before - they are fun and quick. But I've never washed dishes with them either. I usually give them away :-)

  2. I did end up using them on the dishes. They work great... almost as nice as Grandmom's knitted ones (the knitting seems to make them a bit nubbier and so they scrub a little better, but just a little). I'll definitely be making more.