Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's Working Wednesdays

One night each week we have our Family Night... Family Night must be capitalized, since this is a big event we all look forward to. What does Family Night look like?
  • Supper is a meal we can all make together so that we are all working in the kitchen together. The favorite so far has been individual pizzas (including making a mini pizza for W).
  • We all sit down to an early supper, and then
  • we get to do a fun activity together as a family. So far we've had a few movie nights, and a game night.
  • Special snacks, picked up just for family night.

This isn't TOO much different from a normal night, but the kids love the hype of Family Night... They look forward to it all week, they are extra kind to each other on Family Night, they willingly help out around the house earlier in the day so that we'll be ready for Family Night (Family Night can't begin til afternoon and evening chores are done). It makes me happy to think that we are building these sweet memories together, and reinforcing that spending time with one another is something we value in our family.

Besides building memories, Family Night is giving us a platform for other family-building activities. Starting tonight, allowances will be given on Family Night. I also hope to make Family Night into part family meeting, where we can talk about things that have been going on in the family, air our grievances, brainstorm about family issues, etc.

This weeks plan: pizza, popcorn, and a movie

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